Photo Gallery


The entrance to the Daytime Warming Shelter.
The dimly lit hallway leads to a bright and spacious common area.

Ronnie Barbett, a DWS guest and volunteer, staffs the welcome desk.
The Welcoming & Dining Room

Lockers are available for guests to store their belongings.
Our bulletin boards and information areas are stocked with current community resource information

Guests can help themselves to tables of clothing donations.
The Children's area and The Loft

The Loft - a common area where guests can watch television, play cards, lift weights, or converse with others.
The Children's play area

Lunch bags and sandwiches, provided by First United Methodist Church.
The Resource Center

The Day Warming Shelter is located within the former Lussier Teen Center, which is filled with colorful murals.
The Kitchen area

Guest artwork is on display throughout the building.
Quiet Space




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