Weekly Schedule

The Daytime Warming Center offers several support groups and educational workshops. We also welcome guests and volunteers to join our Advisory Council to help organize meetings and activities.

Here is the current activities schedule (as of 1/28/13):

  • Sunday: Christian Group, Drum Circle, Crochet, Art Group, AA, Housing Help
  • Monday: Spirit Group, Creative Writing, AA, Yoga, Resume/CL help
  • Tuesday: Free-Thought Vegan Group, HIV testing, Art Group, AA, Community Justice
  • Wednesday: Creative Writing, AA, HIV testing, Town Hall, Homeless Advocacy
  • Thursday: Advisory Council, AA, Art Group, Computer Help
  • Friday: AA, LSS Therapy, Scripture Group, Pro Labore Dei, Housing Help
  • Saturday: Art Group, Origami, Housing Help, AA, Christian Group

Please talk to Sarah or Z! if you are interested in starting a new group or activity.


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(608) 371-WARM
Note: You must dial '608' first.


8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
(7 days a week, until March 31st)


827 East Washington Ave.
Madison, WI 53703
(former Lussier Teen Center)


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