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Right To Housing Summit (April 6)

Right To Housing Summit

by Ronnie Barbett

The other day, I attended an Occupy Madison general assembly meeting at the Wil-Mar Center to discuss strategy efforts that will again bring attention to the homeless cause. I’m not going to mention my friends’ names, but they know who they are and they know me. I want everyone on the inside. I seriously believe that the solutions to solving the homeless situations, and most of the problems associated with the problems, would be minimized by housing and the way to keep the housing needed for them now funded by the powers-that-be if jobs are not available. So excuse me…I’m so hard-headed, not hearing what my allies are saying. Something about the 99% was mentioned. The history and the details on the organization of Occupy and its significance to the nation, the world, to Wisconsin (this great state) was discussed. Forget the politics, I was thinking, get everyone an apartment and our work is done. I’m sorry, my lack of information gathered here so far limits me to the seriousness of their agendas.

There are other agendas worth mentioning, though. Nate Abrams, a homeless advocate, for some time now has been seeking all kinds of ways in which the homeless issue can be solved or should I say be minimized. The more people we help, the better. At Bethel Lutheran Church (on Wisconsin Avenue) on April 6th (Saturday) from 9 AM to 4 PM, a summit that will build a broader coalition to implement the city and county “housing as a human right” resolutions. Nate Abrams’ work with the On The Way Home group and work with Z! Haukeness and Sarah Gillmore to the Day Warming Center’s successful operations means simply put…people like Nate are busy looking out for the interests of many people affected by homelessness.

From what I hear regarding this summit, On The Way Home’s invitation to attend and represent homelessness is explained in detail in a recent email from another prominent homeless advocate, Heidi Wegleitner, whose on the Dane County supervisor panel, the Homeless Issues Committee, and more, reviewing housing solutions in all sorts of ways is necessary. A partnership with the organizations best suited to make any plan work depends on setting up the best way to get “it” ( their goals) done. We, the homeless, are in good hands. I wish this summit the best of luck. Hope to tell you more later.


About Operation Welcome Home

OWH is a group of homeless people in Madison, WI and their allies organizing around the root causes of homelessness- racism, poverty, and criminalization. We are fighting for housing, jobs, and an end to the criminalization of poverty.


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