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All of Us Are One, Street Pulse

Street Pulse Valentine’s Day Messages

Street Pulse Valentines imageHow Do I Love Thee? Let me count the ways. Thank you to everyone who submitted a Valentine!

Love and support to all in our community who feel that they have been left behind.
You are valuable and valued! You amaze me with your ability to withstand the unendurable. I admire the strength of spirit so many of you exhibit. You inspire me with your survival. Know that you are loved.
– Anita Fox

To my friends— homeless, and in homes, who are going through hell right now:
Take a deep breath, in this new year, remember the possibilities are still available to you, and if nobody has told you that you CAN do what you need to do to come out on the other side of your brokenness..I will- YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN. You are not alone, there are people all around you who will encourage you…seek them out, and walk away from those who pull you back down. Your life is worth fighting for…you are worth fighting for. Never, never, never give up! People will put you down; they will hurt you and make you feel disposable. That is bullshit. YOU are NOT disposable…. your life is not over, there ARE better days ahead…go out and find them. You are beautiful and good and worthy of love and happiness in this lifetime. You ARE loved…you are here for a reason. You can ask anyone who knows me well, I am incredibly stubborn and I believe in you…that will not change…I don’t care what you have done in the past that may make you believe you deserve this pain…you don’t. I am not alone either…there are a multitude of people here around you that believe in you too…reach out when you need to hear that….and keep on going…keep getting back up… The Friends of the State Street Family have your back- we will listen, help out when we can…and we will always hug and encourage and believe in you and your ability to have the peace and love in your lifetime again. So no more talk about giving up….get some rest and get up again in the morning—-it’s 2013, a new beginning to a new year, all things are possible.
–Tami Miller

Heymiss Progress
Thank you for bringing spoken word to the Day Center, Phenomenal Woman

Sally deBroux, Laurie Lang and John Becker
Your jazz soothed our souls at the Day Center on New Year’s Day. Thank you!

To Mary (David’s relative in our computer room)
Love and appreciation for all you do! Thanks!
Love, Ronnie

Mrs. Gibneski
Happy Valentine’s Day, from all of us at the warmest place in town.
– Daytime Warming Shelter

Thanks for the new name, Backpack!
– From MGM

Dear newly active allies in the struggle for
justice and dignity for all
My deepest heartfelt thanks for all of your work
and for opening your hearts and churches to those who
would have literally been left out in the cold without you.

Love, Trina

Hey, Art Paul!
We love ya! 🙂

Chaous Riddle
You are a knight in her shining reflective jacket.
Thank you for all your love and work for this community.

Sasha Troha
The real Mrs. Claus pales in comparison.
Thank you for all your hard work.

Thank you for your ASOsomeness!

Friends of the State Street Family
Bless you!

Thanks for your time and talents with Street Pulse and all your endeavors.

 Brenda Konkel, change agent
Our love for you knows no bounds.

Your gifts are many. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Sarah Gillmore
Where did you come from? We are so very, very blessed.  

Z! Haukeness
Your spirit is beautiful and generous. You lead with kindness.

Dorothy Krause = Godsend

Melissa Sargent
Compassionate leaders are priceless. Thank you!

Tami Miller
You are a healer, tried and true. Thank you, thank you.

Occupy Madison
Never, never, never give up.

Ed Kuharski
Thank you for sharing your talents and drive with this community!

Kenneth Payne
I believe you will improve the lives of homeless veterans and support your endeavors very much. Keep on!

Will Gruber and Jennifer Thompson
Your affection for one another is contagious

CJ Terrell
Thanks for finding and sending Santa to the kids!

Sara Gilbertson
Thank you for all you have done for homeless kids all over this city.

Never, never, never give up.

Karen Andro,
You are beloved within our community!

Lynn at Salvation Army
Thank you for the respect and care you extend.

When you smile, we smile.

I want 2013 to be such a good year for you. You have really touched my heart.

Ronnie Barbett
I’ve learned so much from you. You are a blessing to me and all who come to the day shelter. Hope this isn’t too MUSHY! Ha!

Ron D
You are turning it around! I adore you, my friend.

Craig Spaulding
I am just so profoundly glad and grateful that you
exist and do the work you do.

 Noah Phillips
Thank you for all your work with OM and Street Pulse!

We heart Street Pulse 4-eva!

 Janie S
Your support and help are far reaching and mean a lot to so many.  

My day is always better when I get to chat with you.
You’re a fascinating person and friend.

Brave outside sleeper, creative and intelligent, hard worker, friend.

Purrrrrrr! xo

You have so many gifts and I learn so much from you.

Laronda, my sister
Thank you for your friendship.

Day Center Nate
I admire you! Your leadership in OWH and the Day Center
is original and your impact is positive and real.

Trina Clemente
Let’s run away to Paris! Ha! Thanks for your extreme dedication to OM.

Luca Clemente
Thank you for all you do for OM.

Ulysses Williams
Your priorities in giving are inspirational and so needed.
Thank you, my friend!

Luca Clemente
Thank you for all you do for OM.

Mom, thank you for filling stomachs and hearts.

Ulysses Williams
Your priorities in giving are inspirational and so needed. Thank you, my friend!

It’s going to turn around. Keep your head up, strong woman.

Thank you for making the men look great with your haircutting skills and your generosity.

Terry and Lillie
You’re the right arm and left arm of the day center.

Red hair, gentle heart, determined spirit.

Thank you for starting the art classes and for your help in a lot of things. I’m glad we’re friends.

Ms. Annette
You have a great spirit and strength. I admire you!

Danny C
You have so many strengths.

I’m glad you feel ready and want to send you my support. Good things will come to you!

Bruce Wallbaum
So glad to know you. We are so fortunate to be the focus of your work.

Strong woman!

Thank you for your work with OM and your quiet determination.
You are strong.

Daytime Warming Center
Bless you ALL for your mission of shelter, warmth, opportunity, harmony and respect in a place where everyone is valuable.

Everything you give is a blessing. Your words are meaningful, your writing is thoughtful and your future is very bright.

Remember us little people when the book publishers find you.

Todd Grigsby
When they fixed your heart, they fixed a great one.

Madison Public Librarians
Thank you for your help!

Everyone who comes to the Day Warming Shelter
Thanks for all the big and little things you do.

Z! and Nate
You two are wonderful.
– Sarah

Terry & Lillie
Thank you for being so wonderful!

Members of the Daytime Warming Shelter
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate you all.

Cheryl E.
I love your music!! I wish more people turned vegetarian.

We love you!
-Day Shelter

Chris Hale
I love you hun forever and always your grape juice.
– Heather Welch

Meg Rothstein
For all that you are and for all that you do. Love is surrounding U.
– Ronnie

My Love Missy
Love you lots. Many good days to come.
Love, Paul

Love goes out to all who went out of their way feeding us, counseling us, clothing us.
– The Daytime Warming Shelter

Brenda Konkel
I love you so much, you know that you are my hero.
– Ronnie

Ronnie B.
Thank you for being a great friend.
– Sarah

You’ll find the perfect woman someday!

– Sarah

To all the good-hearted people at Mark Wilson’s Homeless Ministries. Happy Valentine’s Day!
From the Day Warming Shelter

My love soars like a rocket because my life is I B Y.

Karen Andro
The way you run things is evangelical.
– R.B.

To First United Methodist Church Loyal Volunteers
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Janie S.
You’re my favorite secretary. You can type for me anytime!
– Ronnie

To everyone at the Daytime Warming Shelter
I’m so thankful to be able to come and spend my days with you.
Thanks for all you do to make the center a great place.

– Z!

Connie, Tami, Chaos, and all you State Street Family
For being our family!
– The people at the Daytime Shelter

Allen Barkoff
Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.
– Ronnie

The Mark Wilson Homeless Ministry loves us and we love them!
– The Daytime Shelter

To my secret Valentine, Liz
Happy Valentine’s Day

Annie Gibneski
For all your love, and all you give to us. We appreciate you!
– Ronnie, etc.

Ann Gibneski
Happy Valentine’s Day. Your heart is good!

Tami Miller and State Street Family
Love to you! Thanks!

We adore you!
– Day Shelter

You are very appreciated!
– Sarah & Z!

Pr. Mary
We love you!
– Spirit Group

Mr. Martin
Happy Day to you!
– Sugar

Christine Lor
I love and appreciate everything you do and stand for.
– Ronnie

Watch where you’re driving!
– Sarah

My secret heart that beats for me at the
Tenant Resource Center. I love you so much!

Bruce Wallbaum
Your way is the best way. Keep thinking for others.
– Ronnie

You are a lousy driver. Give me the car.
Happy Valentine’s day!

Janie Starzewski
Happy Valentine’s
– The Daytime Warming Shelter

Love You
– Her Heart

Sina Davis
Thank you for being here.

I love you so much!
– Sarah

Sarah Gillmore
Thank you for everything that you have given as a friend.
– Gene Martin

Heather Welch
I love u Baby-girl. You are my world!
– Chris Hale

Thank you for all your hard work and
your never-ending love and support!

– ‘Kins

The Pro Labore Dei Food Service Dept.
Thanks for feeding us. Thanks for praying for us.
– Your people at the Daytime Warming Shelter

Baby I love you to death! And always will.
– Ana

Baby, I love and miss you very much.
– Mom

Mrs. Miriam Gray
Happy Valentines Day street to you!
– Gene Martin

Ann Gibneski
We love you. You donated so much…and
your smile is as warm as you are. Thanks!

– A friend at the Daytime Warming Shelter

Thank you for all your help.
You’re sweet, warm and kind. Happy V-Day!

– Guess who

From the first day I walked in, you have been here for me and the girls.
Thank you for all the help. Love you and God bless! Happy V-Day.

– Trice

Barb & Ben at Bethel Lutheran Church
Hope our love life shines like you do. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thank you for words, your generosity, and your friendship!
– Janie

Thank you for your leadership, your vision, and
for giving back at the Day Warming Shelter!

Thank you for your friendship and kindness.
– Janie

Terry and Lily
You’re my inspiration! Sincere thanks for all the
hard work you do at the Day Warming Shelter.

I choo-choo-choose you!
– Ralphie

To the volunteers in the Day Shelter’s computer lab
You are my favorite geek squad!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the
Street Pulse vendors and volunteers!

Thank you for my of Street Pulse Newspaper!
– Janie

Cheryl Hayes
Happy Valentine’s Day! We love you, we love your food!
-Daytime Warming Center

David G
You are a true ally and inspiration! Keep on writing, keep on thinking!
-A Secret Admirer

Brenda Konkel
I’ll never know how you find the strength to do it all as well as you do.
You are my hero!

– A Secret Admirer

Token Creek Occupiers
Stay warm, stay positive.
Remember why you’re out there: community, friendship,
a thousand-to-one shot at a better world. The world is still watching
-A comrade

Token Creek Supporters
Stay positive, stay warm.
Don’t forget to look after yourselves, too! Much love
-A comrade

Street Pulse Vendors:
You do us proud, out there! Stay warm.
Take it easy, but take it (as Woody Guthrie used to say).


You’re an amazing facilitator.
Keep it up, and keep us smiling! You were right about
the Ryan Adams song- I checked.

You make this paper happen. Stay with us forever.

You’re a great and compassionate leader. We’re so glad you’re staying with us this semester! Don’t let the power go to your head!

Emily S
This paper is beautiful, and only improving, and it’s thanks to you.
Thanks for the hard work and enthusiasm.

Art Paul
Can I borrow your jacket?

Mark Parent
Can I borrow your glasses?

I want to see the world the way you see the world.
Your voice is so appreciated at our Sunday meetings-
Please keep coming and cheering us up!

Everyone who buys Street Pulse
Thanks for supporting us, thanks for listening as we strive
to capture the voices of those who must be heard.

Marsha, Colin G, Josh, and all the other folks
at Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative:
We don’t know where the paper would be without you.
The fact that you reached out to us at such a critical time
really speaks to the integrity of your group and of your ideals.
Here’s to many more years of bookstores and newspapers,
two vibrant, not-at-all-obsolete clearinghouses
of media and thought!

-Street Pulse

Keep on rocking, man, or keep networking, or organizing,
or whatever the hell else it is you’re doing out there.
You call me too much but I’m glad to know you anyway.

-an Editor

For being a wonderful, strong woman. You go girl!

For your friendship and kindness. Happy Valentine’s Day.

For everything you do at the Warming Shelter and in our community.
You are wonderful and truly an inspiration.


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OWH is a group of homeless people in Madison, WI and their allies organizing around the root causes of homelessness- racism, poverty, and criminalization. We are fighting for housing, jobs, and an end to the criminalization of poverty.


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