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Thank You for Your Help

If you go anywhere these days without a wallet in regard to traveling, you should expect to accomplish absolutely nothing. Inside your wallet are an ID card, money, and more cards identifying you. I came to this city with nothing, but confidence that I would get whatever I needed to survive. I came broke, without … Continue reading

Is It Time to Tell Your Story

Written by Ronnie Barbett For some time now, Street Pulse now has established itself as a major employment opportunity for those trying to increase their cash flow. It’s a deal that the homeless population can profit from in a business – like manner. More important than all that, every issue of Street Pulse provides a … Continue reading

Madison Warming Shelter Open Mic & Jazz!

By Meg Rothstein and Heymiss Progress You are cordially invited to enjoy a New Year’s Day open mic for all in the greater Madison area. Come for the music– Sally de Broux, Laurie Lang and John Becker provide jazz for the first half. Then stay for the open mic! Hosted by Heymiss Progress of Word … Continue reading

Cap Times posts update on new warming shelter and Sarah Gillmore

Check out the latest article about the Daytime Warming Shelter, written by Pat Schneider from the Cap Times. The article discusses using a new community-based approach, in which homeless clients take part in the greater decision-making process and daily operations of the shelter. From the article: “The activity groups are run by volunteers from the … Continue reading

12/13/12 Meeting Notes

The Homeless Advocacy Committee is a group of us that got together to have homeless represented in all phases of this Day Warming Center. We direct the homeless to organizations that have a volunteer inside this center and to the city organizations. You can tell us your problems, and even if we can’t solve them, … Continue reading

The Badger Herald report on how Madison officials combat homelessness

The Badger Herald posted on article on how Madison officials are combating homelessness, from banning panhandlers downtown to providing a new daytime warming shelter. Read More:


(608) 371-WARM
Note: You must dial '608' first.


8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
(7 days a week, until March 31st)


827 East Washington Ave.
Madison, WI 53703
(former Lussier Teen Center)